Private Coaching

I offer awesome private coaching sessions to you who’d like a couple of extra eyes and ears on your music. The coaching is done by a 10-minute recorded audio from me where I go through your music track, career questions, website portfolio or all kinds of other queries/problems you might have connected to music production.

The purpose of a private coaching video is to get advice from an experienced composer specifically tailored to your music and how you can better your own skills and knowledge to get even better results.

Additional notes from me:

I take coaching quite seriously. I recognize that, for some of you, this is an expensive service, and that you only would consider buying if you are in real need of advice and help from me.

I am not a fan of sugarcoating things, so you will get honest feedback. If your music sounds like it was recorded in a tin can, I’ll say so. By all means, I will never be rude. But you are paying for a premium service, and I will make sure you get premium results as well.

Standard Coaching Audio

• 10-minute recorded audio from me

• I will provide in-depth feedback on your music inquiry

• I will answer as many questions/cover as many issues I can during the 10 minutes

What happens when I click ‘Buy Now’?

You will immediately get access to a survey, which you download and fill out. The survey has questions about your music equipment, etc., as well as a form which you can write the questions you would like me to answer for you (if you don’t have any specific questions, but rather would like a standard, in-depth review of your music track that is fine too).

After you have filled out the survey, you’ll email it to me. Within a week, you will receive the recorded audio from me.

I really don’t like to keep people waiting, so I will always try to be as fast as I can!

Payment is done via Paypal.