Best Digital Pianos

If you have been playing the keys for a while, you know a solid piano can make all the difference.

A perfectly weighted, full sized, simple to use and reasonably priced digital piano with truthful sound could easily be the difference between a joyful learning process or a frustrating playing experience.

Which Digital Piano Should I Get For My Music Production?

I have used a good amount of both MIDI controllers and digital pianos over the years, and my definite favorite by far is the Yamaha P-45. I wrote an in-depth post of its best qualities and how well it handles being a MIDI controller.

You can read the post and find out why the Yamaha P-45 is the best investment you could make by clicking on this link.

Which One Should I Get If I Want One With A Grand Piano Feel?

For a little while, I worked at a music store in Norway. I was lucky and I got to test out a range of different Digital Grand Pianos.

My favorite, by far was the Yamaha YDP164R Arius Series. It is an absolutely gorgeous digital piano with a rosewood cabinet. And it is designed to sound like the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano.

And, in addition, with its good looks, the Yamaha 164 will without a doubt improve the aesthetics of your living room.

The prices fluctuate all the time, so you should definitely check out the price on Amazon to see if you are in for a good deal.

So, there you have it. My two favorite digital pianos.