Best Acoustic Guitars

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Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned guitarist looking for a new, quality guitar, you will find what you are looking for here.

I have played the guitar for almost 20 years now, and I grew up with around 15 guitars in the house. Needless to say, I have played on a lot of different guitars across all prices.

This page highlights three different alternatives:

  1. Good (The reasonably priced guitar, perfect for beginners)
  2. Better (For you who are looking to make your first quality purchase)
  3. Best (For you who are an advanced guitarist and wants the best you can get)

I have personally tested all of these guitars. There are a lot more great guitars out there, but these ones have made the biggest impression on me.

1. Fender FA-115

As a beginner guitarist looking for your first guitar, you should ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Is it comfortable to play?
  • Is it reasonably priced?
  • Are the strings far apart?
  • Is it built with quality material?
  • Does it include other items that are useful for beginners?

The Fender FA-115 meets the criteria.

Fender is probably a brand you have heard of. Famous for their Telecasters and Stratocasters, Fender has been used by basically every great guitarist in the world, like Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, and many, many others.

This Fender actually feels like a much more expensive guitar than the price suggests.

Its body is what we call a dreadnought body style, which is not far from the biggest sizes.

This also means that it is is quite easy to play. It makes a big sound and it is very comfortable to play for you who have big fingers as well.

If you are in the market for a quality guitar at a reasonable price, I can highly recommend this acoustic guitar.

Some places even offer particularly great package deals where you can get guitar straps, tuners, picks, DVD lessons and more. Not having to buy all these things separately will save you both time and money.

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2. Furch OM 30 SM

This is the guitar you can see in the picture above. I personally own this model and intend to record my planned guitar album with it.

I bought this back in 2015, and I am still over the moon with it.

It punches well above its weight when it comes to sound quality, richness in tone and materials used.

The size of this guitar is smaller than the dreadnought body. Its body is an OM, which is short for Orchestra Model. It is a light-weight guitar, making it a perfect travel partner as well if you are on the road a lot with your guitar.

But despite being relatively thin compared to dreadnought guitars, the sound that comes out of it is massive.

This is, of course, a more expensive guitar than the Fender mentioned earlier. I bought mine for around $1000 in 2015.

Yet, the Furch actually performs so well that it competes in the same league as guitars worth $2000-$3000!

Furch times 2. The G23CR-C and the OM 30 SM are ready to record.