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My name is Thomas Leypoldt and I created AndyaxMusic.com because I wanted to provide a resource for everyone who is interested in music creation. Whether you are just getting started or have a couple of years of experience: this website is for you both! 

My goal with this website is to produce informative and entertaining content on the topic by sharing my experience as a composer.

And hopefully, you will find the content on this website a valuable addition to your own development as a musician.  


I have delivered music to several media; feature- and short films, documentaries, video games and commercials. 

My two proudest moments in life has its roots in music: 

1. When I scored the TV Documentary “Everest – The Dream”,  in which my score received praise from one of the most reputable film music critics in Norway and later got bought by Great Big Story (I know, egoistic mindset, haha!)

...but the proudest moment is this:

2. When I taught a blind guy to play the piano. I worked as an assistant at a high shool at the time and spotted this guy just sitting in the hallway when all the other students where having classes.

I asked him why he was just sitting there, in which he explained that his class plan was split up into lighter workloads due to his blindness.  Soon after this conversation, I began teaching him to play the piano. 

To see this guy rapidly learn the techniques and writing his own pieces was mindblowing. And more importantly, to see the change in his self-esteem and his increased belief in his own abilities.

And when he performed “Comptine d’un autre été” (from the movie Amelie) for the whole school… well, that was the absolute proudest moment of my life.

To see how much music can change someone´s life. To see how much impact one´s knowledge can do to another human being.

And if I can be of help to you who read this as well, then I´ll be really grateful.


I have been the in-house composer and co-host on the filmmaking Youtube channel “Andyax” for 7 years (we have now gained over 300 000 subscribers, yay!)

Oh! And feel free to visit my YouTube channel for more helpful content on music production! There, I will try to explain music production in unusual and easy ways.

If you want me to compose music for your films, video games, or TV shows – visit my official website to get in touch with me!

(I have actually created multiple websites. I also run a Norwegian website about stock investing and personal finance, which I also have a great interest in)

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